The Royal Artemis Dialysis Unit has been established to offer to patients needing hemodialysis treatment with the latest modern methods. It has also been established to satisfy the needs of overseas kidney patients who decide to spend their holidays in Cyprus.The unit is located in a quiet and independent area of the Royal Artemis Medical Center

The medical equipment is continuously updated and purchased according to the latest therapies available, which results in a non-stop improvement of the center facilities. The Hemodialysis Unit is equipped with Fresenius 4008S dialysis machines with the possibility of single needle. Filters are never re-used. Water purification is based on reversed osmosis and dialysate on bicarbonate.

For dialysis patient who make peritoneal dialysis, we can also assist by providing the necessary fluids and cycler machine, after previous arrangement. Our nephrologist doctor, Dr Petar Filipov, is the head of the Royal Artemis Hospital hemodialysis unit. Our team of fully qualified and experienced nurses, who in addition to their general nursing studies have also received special training for haemodialysis, are always available to help and treat both patients and relatives / friends in a friendly and human way.

To arrange for your dialysis needs while on vacations in Pafos, Cyprus, please fill in our online form or email us at our email below.

The Royal Artemis Medical Centre 
Holiday Dialysis Unit
Pavlou Crineou Str. 
Pafos, Cyprus
Telephone +357 26961600 
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Dialysis unit at Royal Artemis Medical Center - Dr Peter Filipov  Hemodialysis unit at the Royal Artemis Private Hospital
Nephrologist Dr Petar Filipov with one of our nurses                      A holiday dialysis patient with another of our nurses